When A Hidden Leak Springs To Life – 3 Instant Actions To Prevent Further Damage To Your Bathroom

Posted on: 3 August 2017


Hidden leaks tend to be most dangerous as they lie dormant in your bathroom until they finally spring to life. The biggest problem with these kinds of leaks is that you don't even know they exist until something comes undone, which could affect the structural integrity of your home. If you notice a hidden leak in your bathroom in the form of bubbles, cracked walls or mould, follow these instant actions to prevent further damage to your bathroom – and make sure you call an emergency plumbing specialist as soon as possible.

Locate And Shut Your Main Water Valve

Your first and most immediate action should be to shut off the water mains completely to your bathroom. This will prevent any further water flow, which could cause irreparable damage to your walls and floors. If you live in a standalone or semi-detached home, your main water value is usually near the water metre outside your house. It may also be close to your garden tap. If you live in a unit, your main water value is typically under your laundry or kitchen sink. Call your building strata manager if you are unable to find it.

Try To Pinpoint The Source Of The Leak

If possible (and if you're handy), try to pinpoint the exact source of the leak. This action will help you give an emergency plumber better direction. For example, is the problem just a hole in the pipe that can be fixed, or is the problem a completely broken pipe that needs complete replacement? Your initial inspection can save you a lot of money in call-out fees, as it reduces the time spent by your plumber in detecting the source of the problem to begin with. The plumber can then come with the right supplies for your leaking issue from the start, enabling quick repair.

Cordon Off The Area From Other People In Your Household

While you've done the initial groundwork, it's possible that others in your family are not aware of the gravity of the situation. This could put their safety at risk, especially if there is an issue with your bathroom's structural integrity depending on the extent of the leak. The best action here is to cordon off the bathroom completely from other people in your household to maintain maximum safety until the plumber arrives. If you have only one bathroom in your home, you may need to make alternative arrangements to stay elsewhere until the problem is completely fixed.

A hidden leak is especially dangerous because you never know how long it's been lurking behind your walls. These actions will help you prevent further damage to your bathroom.