Answering Questions About Common Plumbing Problems in the Home

Posted on: 4 January 2018


It's never good for a homeowner to overlook or ignore even minor plumbing problems in the home, as minor problems can be a symptom of damaged plumbing pipes and fixtures, and these small problems can lead to outright plumbing emergencies. To ensure that you maintain your home's plumbing pipes and pieces properly, and to help you avoid a plumbing emergency, note a few questions about common home plumbing problems.

Why do faucets drip?

Typically a worn-out washer is the reason for a faucet to drip; this washer is a small piece that is screwed into the front of the faucet, to stop water from leaking when the taps are shut off. There are also washers in pipe connections to those taps, and these also stop water from flowing. The threads of the connectors of the tap knobs can also get very worn, so that the taps aren't actually shut even when you turn them off as far as possible. Very often, turning off the taps too tightly is what causes these pieces to get worn out, so that water then leaks. You can have the washers or knobs replaced, and then be mindful of how firmly you close those taps when you use the faucets.

Why do drains get clogged if the family uses traps?

Shower drains often clog because of hair, soap scum, and other debris that get caught in the drain, eventually clogging the pipe. Putting a trap or protective cover over the drain can allow you to catch and remove that debris, so it doesn't get caught in the drain. However, a clog can also be caused by leaky pipes; if a pipe leaks, there won't be enough water flowing through the pipes to move solid material along, so a clog then forms. If you've tried covering the bathtub drain with a trap of some sort and it still clogs, have a plumber check for leaks.

Why doesn't drain cleaner unclog a pipe?

If you've had a clogged pipe in the home and commercial drain cleaner didn't address the problem, note that the clog could be caused by something the drain cleaner can't fix, such as hair that is trapped near the drain opening. A pipe may have also cracked and allowed dust, dirt, mud, and other debris to fall into the pipe itself, and drain cleaners won't clear the resultant clog in these cases. Call a plumber for clogs if such solutions aren't addressing the problem, so he or she can find the real issue and address it properly.