Underrated Issues That Can Lead to Serious Plumbing Emergencies

Posted on: 3 January 2019


For a good number of people, the term 'plumbing emergency' constitutes a massive problem with their plumbing system. Thus, anything from a clogged toilet to a burst pipe is what will prompt some homeowners to see emergency plumbing services. But have you ever considered that plumbing emergencies could be avoided? When you are providing your plumbing system with the care and attention it needs, you can spot the signs of a problem early and have your 24/7 emergency plumber attend to it before it becomes substantially worse. Here are some of the underrated household issues that can prove to be a plumbing emergency down the line.

Undiagnosed Leaks

Your plumbing system is extensive. Since the hardware is usually located in areas that are not in full view, it can be challenging to know if the entire system is in good condition or not. If you are not proactive about locating unidentified leaks, your house becomes at risk of comprehensive plumbing damage. So how do you know if your plumbing hardware is in jeopardy? The first thing to be watchful for is signs of paint blistering or peeling, as this typically indicates that water is seeping into it. Secondly, keep a keen eye on your water costs. If the utility costs are spiking and you have not changed your usage habits, it is imperative to hire an emergency plumber to get to the root of the problem.


Another red flag that should have you immediately calling your emergency plumber is mould growing progressively in your home. You may have moved into your house and seen patches of mould but overlooked getting the fungi remediated. But if you notice these patches are spreading, it means your home is providing the perfect habitat for the fungi to spread. In typical cases, water leaking from the plumbing begins to accumulate inside the walls and subsequently create a humid environment for the mould to thrive in. Not only is it mandatory to have the mould eradicated from your house, but it is also essential to have your plumber inspect the hardware and fix any leaks that could be providing the moisture for the mould.

Blocked Drains

Another serious, yet underestimated, plumbing problem is blocked drains. Clogs form over time, so chances are you will not realise when the blockages are taking form. With time, however, you will notice changes to your plumbing such as poor pressure, gurgling noises, foul smells and slow draining. The bigger the blockages, the higher the chances your hardware is also at risk of bursting from the pressure building up inside the pipes. Thus, it is best to call a 24/7 emergency plumbing business like Prompt Plumbing & Electrical immediately.