Top 4 Benefits of Using A Heat Pump For Pool Heating

Posted on: 26 April 2019


Pool heating has many benefits, one of which is the fact that you will be able to extend the swimming season to the colder months. Freezing during the winter can also cause damage to your pool and the area around it. Installing a pool heating system also increases property value.

There are several pool heating options to choose from, including heat pumps. Heat pumps have become increasingly popular thanks to their inherent advantages. What are these benefits that have driven the demand and preference for heat pumps?

1. Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are by far, the most energy-efficient pool heating options. The pump harnesses heat from the surroundings and uses it to heat the water. The unit will only consume electricity to power the fan and compressor. For every 1 KW of electricity consumed, heat pumps will produce an average of 3 KW for pool heating, giving the pump a better coefficient of performance (COP) compared to both gas and electric heaters.

2. Lower Operational Costs

Thanks to the higher energy efficiency, you can look forward to spending a lot less on your pool heating. These lower operating costs will more than makeup for the higher initial investment that you will put towards purchasing and installing the heat pump.

3. Long-lasting Units

Heat pumps have a sturdy construction and are designed for a long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect to enjoy the use of your swimming pool heat pump for as long as 20 years before the unit ever needs replacing. Heat pumps are durable and not easily damaged. Again, in the event that your heat pump is in need of repair services, you can readily find professional help who has spare parts.

4. More Eco-friendly

Gas heaters will need to burn some kind of gaseous fuel, be it natural gas or LPG, in order to generate heat energy.  While both are relatively cleaner fossil fuels, their combustion does result in the emission of carbon dioxide, which is considered an environmental pollutant. Heat pumps, on the other hand, do not produce any emissions that are harmful to the environment and are therefore an eco-friendly choice for pool heating.

By choosing a premier-quality heat pump with the right rating that can deliver optimal performance for the size of your pool. When you get a professional heat pump installation, you can look forward to enjoying these and more benefits when it comes to your pool heating.