Understanding When To Call An Emergency Plumber

Posted on: 19 January 2021


Plumbers offering an emergency service are available 24/7 to attend your home and resolve plumbing issues that simply can't wait until normal business operating hours. If you need immediate assistance from a plumber during the night, at the weekend or during a holiday, you will need to contact a plumbing company that offers emergency callouts. But how do you know what plumbing problems are considered an emergency and what issues could wait without causing any damage to your property? Read on to find out when you should call an out-of-hours plumber.

There Is A Risk Of Flooding

Flooding can cause structural damage and can put your safety at risk. Flooded floors can cause you to slip and there's a risk that water could get into electrical outlets. Flooding can occur due to a burst pipe or faulty water shut off valve in an appliance. If you find yourself dealing with leaking water, turn off the water supply to your home if you know where the valve is located and do what you can to contain the water while waiting for a plumber to arrive.

A Sewer Line Or Drain Is Blocked

When a sewer line or drain is blocked, waste and debris collect at the site of the blockage and can back up out of your drains and into your home. This can be hazardous to your health and will prevent you from being able to use the toilet, wash or run water for cooking and drinking. If you have a plunger available, you can try to clear the blockage yourself, but if you're not successful, a plumber should be called to allow you to safely use essential facilities.

There's No Running Water

If you find yourself with no running water in your home, you could have a leak in an external pipe. Without running water you won't be able to wash, cook, clean dishes or flush the toilet. No access to clean water for drinking or washing should be treated as an emergency, and without being able to identify the cause of the loss of water, ignoring it could be a costly mistake. If there is a leak in a pipe that runs under your property, it could cause damage to the structure of your home's foundation or supporting structures such as timber joints and external brickwork. Moisture damage can lead to rot developing and mould can become a problem with some building materials that are exposed to moisture, so call a plumber right away if you find yourself without water.

It's wise to have the details of a 24/7 plumbing service on-hand so that you're prepared should you find yourself dealing with a plumbing emergency. If you're not sure whether your plumbing issue can wait until normal business hours, give an out-of-hours plumber a call for guidance.

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