A Guide to Troubleshooting Common Water Pump Problems

Posted on: 15 March 2022


As a homeowner, trouble can hit when you least expect it. Simple pump problems can escalate to cost you a fortune. The worst experience is having no water due to overlooking such problems. Having a pump that runs well is what you need to maintain a constant supply of water. Check out a simple guide that can bail you out when such problems arise. 

The Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is often mounted on a tube just next to the pressure tank. The switch has to be powered on to ensure that water is running through the channels. Basically, its wiring has to sense pressure drop of water to the point where the pressure tank requires more water. If your switch is faulty, the pump won't start, and you won't have water. Testing the switch is your first step in troubleshooting water pump-related problems. Replace the switch if it is bad. 

The Pump Controller 

You may need to replace the pump controller if it fails to function. Proceed by removing the screw at the bottom of the pump control cover. Lift it off the box at the top and gently disconnect it. A user guide manual can be helpful when replacing your pump controller system. To get the exact replacement, take the old pump controller to the store to avoid compatibility issues. 

Pressure Tank Air Valves 

The pressure tank air valve is an essential component of your water pump. It controls leakages and ensures that all the water being pumped reaches its destination. Unscrew the plastic cover in the air valve at the top of the tank. You will need a small screwdriver to gently depress the air valve to confirm if water comes out. A waterlogged tank will have pulses of water at the spigot. Basically, two methods are used to diagnose a bad tank: shaking the tank and checking for water at the air valve. Both methods are applicable in the diagnosis of modern tanks. 

Get Help from a Professional 

There are cases where the pump may run nonstop. A DIY solution may not be practical at this point. Bring in a pro to check broken water lines from the well to the house. You may probably have a wet area between the house and the well. Professionals are better placed to advise on bad connectors leaving the water point or broken water lines that affect a sufficient supply of water to the main house. 

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