Knowing the Signs of Common Water Pump Problems

Posted on: 24 May 2022


Your water pump may be a feature that you take for granted until it stops working or begins malfunctioning. When that day arrives, it's important to call on a plumber as soon as you can. Until then, it's worth knowing more about the commonest signs of water pump problems.

A Reduction in Pressure

Did your water once used to flow freely and now it takes a while to trickle through? This may be due to a decrease in water pressure. Decreases in water pressure can happen for a variety of reasons. Alongside the natural ageing process, limescale and bacteria build-up can play their role. Your plumber may be able to perform a specialist clean to free the pump's valves and get it flowing smoothly again. Otherwise, if the pump is old you may need a replacement.

Pumping Sediment 

Most water pumps benefit from an installation that prevents them from coming into contact with sand and silt. However, that can change over time. Noticing that sand and silt are pumping out isn't automatically a big problem. However, as they're both abrasive you need to work on resolving the issue to prevent your pump from degrading further as time goes on. A skilled plumber can reposition your water pump so that sand and silt are no longer a problem.

Poor Water Quality

If your water suddenly looks, tastes, or smells different, it may indicate an issue with your pump. When this happens, discontinue drinking it and call on a plumber immediately. Depending on what's causing the issue, your water may no longer be safe to drink. A plumber will be able to tell you whether your water is safe and if possible they'll perform a fix quickly. 

Loud Noises

Loud noises that come from the area where your water pump rests could indicate that a part of its mechanics is loose. Even if your water continues to flow through efficiently, it's best to ask a professional to take a look. Loose components are never too far away from breaking down altogether, so it's a good idea to address potential issues quickly. The sooner you seek out a repair, the less damage you'll have to manage.

High Electric Bills

High electric bills can arise for a number of reasons. However, if you eliminate common household causes and can't fathom why they're happening, you may need to look at your water pump. When it works harder, it requires more electricity. As such, a rise in energy bills should ring alarm bells.