• Three Blocked Drain Camera Inspection Techniques for Your Home

    Plumbers often use cameras to identify the exact point of damage or blockage in a drainpipe before attempting to clear that blockage. This article discusses some of the camera inspection techniques that your plumber may select from in order to devise the best solution for clearing a blockage in a drainpipe. Push Camera Inspections The push camera inspection technique involves pushing a cord into a drain. The cord has a camera at its end.
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  • 4 Signs Your Galzanised Pipes May Be Corroded

    Even galvanised steel or iron pipes can rust. Unfortunately, this process will happen from the inside out, making corrosion very hard to notice at a glance. In fact, a pipe may be blocked completely by the time any visible signs are evident on the outside. This is a real issue since corroded pipes are far more likely to turn into burst pipes, resulting in potentially enormous water damage to your property.
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  • Self-Plumbing Tips for Fixing Clogged Kitchen Sinks and Toilets

    Clogging problems in residential drains are quite common. As a matter of fact, several homeowners will face these problems at some point. As a home owner, how will you respond when your residential drains clog up? Will you immediately call for expensive plumbing services, or try to fix the problem yourself? Save time and money while fixing clogged kitchen sinks and toilets with these simple DIY fixes. Clogged kitchen sinks
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